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KidWalk Gait Trainer/Stander

Submitted by: Erin Bleske

We love that it can be used as a walker but also be locked into place to use as a stander.  It turns easily and allows her to participate without us having to hang onto her the whole time.

3 comments to KidWalk Gait Trainer/Stander

  • Erin, this looks like it would be so helpful for my little girl, Mariah…She will be three in January, and wanted to get a start on how to get one of these. Did your PT have to approve it, and did you run it thru insurance?!? We have been trying and trying to get Mariah to walk…this just looks like the right /best thing to have…hands free, so she doesn’t have to concentrate on pulling a walker and walking at the same time…do you have anymore info that would be useful…really would like to see my lil’ angel walk…starting to get really heavy for me to carry…Thank you in advance for all your help!

    Becky Giblin, Spencer(19), Meagan(15, in a week), and Mariah(2 1/2-RTT)

  • We saw a little boy with this today and it was amazing. He walked along just great. It was almost part of him. When he would pause his parents could push it slowly behing him to get him started again. I had to ask about it and the said it was the best purchase they have ever made! Had to share.

  • Chris Larkin

    We tried a Kidwalk, Meywalk and Bronco. We chose the Meywalk as it gave our child the most freedom outside and would give us much more growth. She leaned too far forward with the others, but she was upright and walking in the Meywalk. It is a little bigger unit than the other two.

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