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The Cerebra Sledge was originally developed as a bespoke solution for Sarah, a young lady in Scotland. Sarah’s wheelchair and buggy could not be used in the snow, so she had to sit inside while all the other children in the village went off to school playing in the snow. Cerebra understood the sensory input she was missing and her exclusion from a given right for children to play in the snow.

Sarah needed a fully supportive seat on a sledge that would not draw negative attention. It also needed to have a low centre of gravity, a wide stance, and needed to be fitted with straps, armrests and a safety leash.

CIC set about designing the sledge for Sarah. She was delighted and when the story was published in Cerebra’s newsletter, this stimulated interest from other children in similar situations. CIC is not set up for bulk production of high quality wooden sledges; so they contacted their friends at Gordon Ellis & Co in Derby.

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