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Mighty Tykes

Mighty Tykes are ankle and wrist weights that are the perfect size and weight for babies, toddlers and kids.  They are very low profile, come in several different weights, are lead free, latex free, waterproof and made in the USA!   Plus, they are SUPER CUTE!  We’ve tried these weights out with our own daughter and they work really well.  I LOVE that they are so low profile, we’ve used ankle weights in the past but they have been adult size, I’ve had to wrap them awkwardly around her ankles 1 1/2 times and they are so bulky that it’s tough for her to take steps with them on because they “catch” on eachother.  We have not had this problem at all with Mighty Tykes!  The weights fit great around her ankles when she’s only wearing shoes but when she’s wearing her AFO’s they were too short, but I just contacted Mighty Tykes and they were quick to mail out extenders!  Awesome product, Awesome Company!  I highly recommend!

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