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Special One’s Gear

These Panchos are AMAZING!!  And they will also do custom orders!  Favorite sports team, color, pattern, something for that Christmas dress?  We highly recommend checking them out!

Special Ones Gear was created for our Special Ones, but also with their parents in mind! Our goal is to make the “easy” things in life, a little easier.

We have 3 beautiful children and our oldest daughter, Mary Grace, has Spastic Quad Cerebral Palsy. It seemed at almost every turn, we were faced with challenges that got in the way of us “doing life” easily. Together with my mom, we have created items that we needed to give Mary Grace a chance to not only be more independent but to make our lives easier as well. From Ponchos/raincoats, weighted blankets and vests to help sit in a grocery cart, we have made it all!

Our goal for creating Special Ones Gear, is to share with parents everywhere, Gear that may help both your Special One and you! We will be introducing new products slowly but would also encourage you to CONTACT US for any need that you may have.

We strive to keep our products as affordable as possible, as we know the cost of anything for our Special Ones can easily become outrageous.

Please Like us on Facebook and share our page with any special needs groups you may be a part of, to help all of our Special Ones and their families keep the easy things in life easy!

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