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DIY Weighted Blanket

Check out this fantastic tutorial on making your own weighted blanket!

Makey Makey

MaKey MaKey is an invention kit for the 21st century. Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. It’s a simple Invention Kit for Beginners and Experts doing art, engineering, and everything inbetween. These “touchpads” can act as “custom” switches for your Rett Girl to be able to play a game, […]

Beach Walker

We built her a basic Walker from PVC and some stock “beach” wheels. I am sure she is not the only child that could benefit from such a device.

DIY Floor Stand Mount

Submitted By: Susan Weisman Lee

Look what we created!! We turned the Levo book/tablet stand into a Tobii floor mount!! This will allow Alyssa to use her Tobii when sitting on the couch, in a chair, etc… Up to now we have only been able to use it when sitting at the kitchen table […]

Levo Floor Stand

This is a Great stand for an ipad or tablet or CLICK HERE to see how you can modify it to be a mount for the Tobii or other eye gaze computer.

DIY Headbands

Check out this great tutorial on how to make your own headbands from old t-shirts! Genius!

DIY Infinity Scarves

LOTS of Rett Girls are styling with infinity scarves as opposed to bibs – check out this quick tutorial on how to make your own from a t-shirt!

DIY Cool Off Necklace

Does your Rett Girl have trouble cooling off in the hot weather? Try this awesome DIY cool off necklace!

Full Coverage DIY bib

This is such a cute AND practical bib! It’s completely full coverage so you can save your Rett Girls clothes! Click on the link for the full DIY tutorial!

DIY Bath Chair

Wanted to share Avery DIY shower chair with everyone. It’s awesome to have macguyver at home! He cut the ends off the plastic chair. Made a PVC base and screwed the legs to the chair and then used a heat gun to shape the legs to take the pressure off. I use the green […]

DIY Sensory Bags

For a basic sensory bag, all you have to do is 1) open a plastic bag, 2) squeeze in some cheap hair gel and 3) drop some small items in the bag. That’s it! You can reinforce the zipper seal with some packing tape for added security. The dollar store will be your best […]

DIY Eye Gaze Flip Frame

Submitted By: Maggie Wurm

Order through Amazon coin protectors cut the 6 squares out from the middle and print boardmaker symbols from home or from school. (print wallet size) I did it and it was very easy. And for less than 10 bucks, you can have 20 different pages made. We placed ours in […]

DIY Eye Gaze Board

We homeschool our Rett Girl and use eye gaze to have her answer questions. Almost everything we do is multiple choice, we have run through stacks and stacks of index cards making flash cards for just about everything until recently we found a better way. We have a clear plastic clip board and taped […]

DIY Sensory Swing

Check out this blog to find step by step directions to make your own Sensory Swing – We all know how expensive these can get, why not make your own?