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Huge Self Inking Stamp

Submitted by: Kelly Shubert

We got one with her name that she uses at school to put her name on things and then we got one that says “Love, Emma” so she can sign her cards. I got the biggest one I could find so all she had to do was put her hand […]

Full Length Mirror


Submitted by: Kelly Shubert

My daughter Emma loves to look at herself in the mirror.

Lava Lamp


Submitted by: Kelly Shubert

Dice Roller

Submitted by: Kelly Shubert


To play dice games like Trouble, Parchese, even Sorry if you use Dice instead of cards. We all use the dice roller so we can show Emma what to do. She rolls and we move her pieces. We also do lots of cheering for her to get her involved […]

Music Box


Submitted by: Kelly Shubert

All Little girls should have their own music box! (Or maybe your daughter might like a musical figurine!)

FurReal Pets


Our daughter loves the FurReal pets. She has a leopard, guinea pig and a beagle dog. She loves the texture (fur) and when she “touchs” the toy it purrs, barks or squeaks. It will fall asleep and snore when not played with, which makes her giggle. Yes, it has an off button when […]

Special Needs Swing (Seat)

These high back swing seats incorporate a pommel and a 5 point safety harness with snap buckles. TFH ropes also have convenient hardware to help you adjust the seat both in terms of height and rake. The UV resistant seats are molded from high-density polyethylene, a strong but soft plastic. Available in child, teen, […]

Mini Buddha Board Repaintable Canvas

This buddha board is portable and can open up like a slant board. Mostly it is made to paint or draw on with a water pen or brush, then the picture disappears as it dries. Our girls might also use it as a portable eye gaze board for choosing between two pictures or between […]

DJ Piano

$39.99 Submitted by: Terri Vejrosta We got this toy as a gift for our daughter for her birthday and now take it everywhere with us. It fits on her desk tray and her wheelchair tray. Anyswipe or touch of any button produces an action. Songs, notes, lights and animal noises. She loves it. The […]

Beautiful Hand-blown Glass Ornament

Hand-blown glass ornaments designed by glass artist Micheal Trimpol for Rett Syndrome research Fund raising!

Thank you to the Kate Foundation for these amazing works of art! Proceeds benefit the Rett Syndrome Research Trust.

Rainbow Pocket Plasma


Wearable LED art! This clip on responds to touch, voices and songs. Blue colored rays of light dance inside this plastic circle and move to the rhythyms of sound and music. Simply clip the Pocket Plasma to your daughter’s clothing, hat, back pack, mirror, and more!

The Amazing Wave of Light: Animatronic Marine Life Building Set


Create a work of art with dolphins, seals, and humpback whales gracefully swimming and diving across your bedroom walls. This innovative toy combines lights, sounds, and movement, for an entrancing visual experience.

Perfect for kids of all ages, the device is started by a simple push of a button.

Sharper Image Laser Stars Light Show


The coolest most amazing light show you will see anywhere; complete with magical shooting stars and moving cloud formations. It creates thousand of stars with or without cloud formations. Simple to use, just plug it in.

Plasma Lightning Heart

Dazzling lightning patterns respond to touch and sound. Electric currents are transformed into rays of light that dance around the inside of a handcrafted glass heart. The plasma lightning can also be manipulated by the touch of your daughter’s fingertips or the vibrations from music and other noise.

Disney Princess Harp


This is a wonderful gift for our girls that love both Disney princesses and music!

Netflix Membership

$8.99 per month

Is she a Hanna Montana fan? Disney? Dora? Give the special Rett Girl in your life the PERFECT gift! All the movies she can watch.

IPod Big Button Controller


The IPod remains one of the coolest gifts for all kids and now our girls can have an IPod and access their songs with this great controller.

Laugh Out Loud Rollover Puppy


Submitted by: Kelly Butler

My daughter laughs along with this funny puppy. It is motion activated so her hand movements over the dog. They have other animals to choose from too!

Alphabet Spin and Sing by Leap Frog

Submitted by: Terri Vejrosta

This toy plays music and teaches the alphabet with the slightest touch of swipe of the hand. One of our daughter’s favorites.

Cooling Neck Wraps

$5.95 and up

Submitted by:Ingrid Harding

Most of our girls have trouble with tempature regulation. These Cooling body products and are amazing and would make the perfect stocking stuffers!

Think cool. Think fashion. Think quality. A leader in the cooling apparel business for more than 15 years, Blubandoo creates innovative products that beat the […]