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Everyone loves a Snuggie. We have been using ours for extra coverage on the wheelchair. Hands though sleeves and the rest can be tucked completely around her over her jacket. A great keep warm gift. Sleeves are just long enough to be able to tuck over those hands that pull mittens off with lightning […]

Glitter Waterball

These Glitter Waterballs are so much fun and come in a mass variety of colors,glitters and more. There are balls filled with Glitter,fish,confetti and many fun little ideas. Moms report that they use them as bath toys as well as playing roll the ball on the floor during therapy. The 100mm balls are recommended […]

Stocking Stuffers

I know some of us struggle with this one, so here are a few ideas for you!

Maroon Feeding Spoons

Nuk Brushes

Hair Glitter

Chap stick or lip Gloss

Disney or Favorite Character Movies

Hair bows,bands,clips and barrets


Beaded Necklaces (Non Toxic) Plastic or Acrylic with safety bead or clasp

Gummy Bears for […]

Portable DVD Player with Swivel Screen

The Sony DVP-FX950 portable DVD player with 9-inch swivel-and-flip screen.

Love the long battery life with this model. Screen Swivels to keep girls from banging on the device. A must! 9-inch High-Resolution, Widescreen Monitor: Enjoy entertainment on the go with the Sony DVP-FX950 portable DVD player, featuring a 9-inch, high-resolution screen (800 x […]

Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer System- 22 Piece Set This versatile machine will do virtually any job in the kitchen in 10 seconds or less, yet it takes up no more space on your counter than a coffee mug. It’s so easy you’ll use it every single day of the week!! The Magic Bullet […]

Animated Fish Tank

Bed Bath and Beyond has a awesome animated fish tank that looks soo real. If you dont want the hassle of “real” fish this is perfect!! And its also a lamp! My Makayla just loves watching this, she has such great focus and attention spam with this. Its a great gift especially with the […]

My First Picture Dictionary (Disney Little Einsteins)

Join the Little Einsteins for a brand-new learning experience! Preschoolers will have a blast learning vocabulary words with this new dictionary. Featuring beautiful full-color photos, and fun Little Einsteins illustrations, My First Picture Dictionary includes over 900 words and definitions organized by situations common to a preschooler’s world. This is the perfect learning tool […]

Sesame Street: Elmo’s A-to-Zoo Adventure:Wii

Teachers letters through engaging mini-games Easy to follow audio-visual directions that preschoolers can master on their own Use the second Wii Remote to drop-in and assist your child when needed Game difficulty adapts to your child’s level Wii and Nintendo DS versions include Gameplay Helpers to simplify gameplay for your child. In Sesame Street: […]

Natural Aquatics Frog Aquarium with 2 Frogs

Not exactly a toy but a great gift Non the less.The Natural Aquatics “Living Aquarium” is a natural and balanced eco-system designed to function exactly like a wild aquatic biotope, all in a small package Perfect for the home, office, classroom or anywhere, the Living Aquarium provides an almost carefree way to bring a […]


Free-spirited, offbeat character that features unexpected laugher and excitement with every interaction Features three modes of play including chatter, singing their own song or singing in harmony with their other Sing-a-ma-jig friends In chatter mode they speak their own language full of jibber and jabbers They always harmonize with each other perfectly every time […]


Zoobies are a plush toy, but also a pillow with a cozy fleece blanket zipped inside. Zoobies come in many characters and animals for every childs favorite snuggle buddy.

Living Aquarium

Easy-to-use / Continuous play / NTSC / Dolby Digital Natural Sound Effects / Soothing soundtracks / Vivid picture resolution / Realistic animated video. Play any Scene individually or all together. The Screendreams videos are the videos that are usually playing on the flatscreen in Doctor and Hospital waiting rooms. We play them at home […]

Signing Time

These videos are so much fun. Sign was not something we had really considered once our daughter lost her hand function until she was placed in a class with a hearing repaired teacher. She responded so well when she was signed to as well as spoken to.

This line of videos is by the […]

Mini Massager

Our PT first introduced us to this Mini Massager in therapy. It is wonderful for relaxing those tight muscles in the back and shoulders without over stimulating your girl. We use it on her hands and feet when circulation is poor and the tootsies are getting cold.

Also available at Walmart and Walgreens

Karly Wahlin: In My Own Voice

A collection of exquisite, lyrical compositions created by a remarkable young woman with Rett Syndrome who writes her songs one note at a time with the help of a music therapist. Features piano, viola, and two poems.

Genre: Classical: Piano solo Release Date: 2010

My Pal Violet or Scout(for boys) by Leap Frog

Submitted by: Kristina Beserra

Elayna absolutely loves this toy! You connect it to the computer and teach it to spell their name say there name. You can also program their favorite color, food, and animal and it sings songs with this information. It also plays classical good night melodies. It says “Good Night Elayna”, […]

Ocean Waves Music CD

Submitted by: Kelly Shubert

Great for inducing calmness and sleep.

Talking Photo Album

Submitted by: Terri Vejrosta

Easy-to-use speech output device that holds standard 4″ x 6″ photos. The Talking Photo Album includes a total of 24 pages, each with a individual message capacity of 10 seconds. Insert photos or picture/text cards into the transparent sleeves and record corresponding messages. User squeezes Play button to activate speech.


Fridge DJ Magnetic Learning Piano by Leap Frog

Submitted by: Terri Vejrosta

Turn up the learning with a brilliant show of lights and music that encourages children to explore numbers, letters and counting. As the numbers and letters light up, the upbeat music inspires physical movement, too! Very easy to manipulate and fun in the kitchen.

Alphabet Spin and Sing by Leap Frog

Submitted by: Terri Vejrosta

This toy plays music and teaches the alphabet with the slightest touch of swipe of the hand. One of our daughter’s favorites.