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Piggy Paint

Stocking Stuffer! Does your daughter put her hands in her mouth a lot? Been worried about using fingernail polish? Try Piggy Paint! It is a natural, eco-friendly nail polish designed for fancy girls. Its non-toxic, hypoallergenic formula makes it safe to use on all piggies.

Piggy Paint dries to a hard, durable finish that […]

Baby Banz Hearing Protector Earmuffs

Give your Rett Girl the gift of “calm” this year! Banz earmuffs are for children 2 years and older, these funky earmuffs not only look great, but will also protect children’s ears from potentially harmful noise. They have been a life saver when we are in loud stores or restaurants with our Rett Girl […]

Stompeez Slippers

These slippers are super soft, warm, and extremely comfortable. Perfect for a little bit of motivation during Physical Therapy sessions! Imagine the excitement of learning to walk in these! With each step, the slipper goes into action – depending on the style, with the ears go up, the mouth opens, etc! So fun.

Uncle Milton Shoe Lights

Snap on these unique dual-mode shoe lights, and safely light the way to an exciting expedition! Easily switch back and forth between the white LED pathfinder mode and the red LED night-view mode. Simply attach them to shoes with the built-in clip or weave the laces through the clip. These are great for fun […]

Lalaloopsy Doll

The Harmony B Sharp Lalaloopsy Silly Hair doll loves the spotlight, she talks and sings, and when attached to the included stage, she dances. Harmony also comes with a rattling pet cat and interchangeable pink hairpieces that trigger unique songs when plugged into her head. Everyone will enjoy this doll’s colorful look and fun performances!

No-sew fleece blanket (instructions)

Everyone LOVES these great blankets and you do not have to be able to sew to make your very own! Pick out some fabric that your girlie would like and follow these easy directions to make one (or two!) for her.

American Girl Doll Wheelchair

Does the Rett Girl in your life have a special doll? Maybe she might want a wheelchair for it just like hers! (and it is pink!)

Anywhere Chair

Add one of these comfy, kid-sized chairs from Pottery Barn to any room and create a special spot that’s just for your Rett Girl and the great part is that the cover zips off for easy washing. The chair has a handle and is light enough to move from room to room! Bonus: it […]

Playing Card Holder

Our Rett Girl LOVES to play games with her friends, often times card games became hard for us to include her. This card holder allowed a friend to help her play! She now CHOOSES to play card games….Disney Princess “Old Maid is her current favorite.

Color-Changing Speaker System for iPhone/iPod

Does your RettGirl have an ipod? Shouldn’t she have a docking/speaker system just as cool as she is?! This fun, color changing dock is sure to be a hit with our girls of all ages!

Translucent cabinet changes color at the touch of a button 5 color change modes – slow fade spectrum, fast […]

Light Up Slinky

There are some toys that just never go out of style! (although they can get better….it lights up now!)

Fun Knee High Socks

These FUNKY socks by LittleMissMatched are great for all of our girls but work perfectly with AFO’s! Let your girl’s personality shine….down to her socks!

Wind Spinner

We have our wind spinner hooked up to a battery operated motor and it hangs in the corner of our living room – we also have a hook in our daughter’s room so that we can move it there for her to enjoy!

Disney Electronic Reader and 8-Book Library

Hear your Rett Girl’s favorite Disney stories read aloud and follow along with the wonderfully illustrated books. This easy-to-use electronic Me Reader features eight classic stories your young one can listen to including Cars and Tangled.

iPod Shuffle

If your Rett Girl LOVES music as much as ours does than an iPod mini is a MUST! We love that we can download her music cds to iTunes and load those on here as well…..AND it comes in pink and purple – perfect! (Be sure to download the GP2C Music CD – it […]

Cra Z Art Magic – Spinning Art Machine

This art machine is so much fun, it can be hooked up to a switch with one of the toy adapters. Your daughter can choose her paint colors and using her switch, create amazing works of art! (Hand over hand to squeeze the paint is always an option too!)

Owl Hat

This hat can be made in ANY size! Which is nice for some of our girlies with smaller heads. Our girls can stay warm AND adorable!

Orbeez Mood Lamp

This lamp is SO cool! My daughter loves it. You can get different colored beads to put in the lamp, and it changes colors when turned on. The cool thing is that like all battery-operated toys, if your daughter has hand function and uses switches you could hook it up to a toy adapter! […]


Need a laugh? No one will be able to resist laughing along with the Gigglator! Great for girls with hand function or for hand-over-hand – either way there is sure to be lots of giggles for everyone!