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Over a decade ago we started out on a journey to find “a better way” to treat scoliosis, a way that focused on treating the condition itself, and not just the spinal curve, a way that produced no side effects or pain for the patient, a non-invasive way to train the brain how to […]

CEASE Therapy

Submitted by Andy:

He writes:

we (my girlfriend and me) got the diagnosis Rett-Syndrom for our daughter Emma since 4 weeks and we try to find a way to help or better to cure our daughter.

Ofc we checked the “whole” internet. Hard to find something useful. We contact 4 Homeopaths say all say […]

Light Therapy – Omega Full-Spectrum Light

For mother and daughter this winter! 🙂



Experience the powerful healing of 10,000-lux light therapy with this safe, soothing, and measurably effective light therapy system. The Omega Sunlight 365 is our latest and bestselling SAD light. It will help fight the winter blues in as little as 15 minutes a day. […]

Doorway Platform Swing

Perfect for using prior to starting any activity with your child to help ease their sensory load. Swing for a while and then move on to your task so your child can better focus. Beautifully designed and well made platform swings perfect for challenging balance and postural adjustments. Children can lie in prone or […]

Swim-Sters Swim Diapers

Size Chart My Pool Pal Special Needs Swim-sters Swim Diaper Size Waist Leg Avg. Weight XS 6/8 17-24″ 11-17″ 40 – 58 lbs S 8/10 18-27″ 12-18″ 59 – 74 lbs M 10/12 20-30″ 13-19″ 75 – 89 lbs L 14/16 21-32″ 14-20″ 90 – 118 lbs XL 18/20 22-34″ 15-21″ 119 – 141 […]

Belly Bump Therapy Toy

Round and round and round you go

Where you’ll stop, no one knows! It looks like a giant red raspberry but once you get your arms and legs in there, you’re going to see how much fun is in store. The Belly Bump Ball is designed for belly-bumping and belly-laughing good times–crawl over it […]

Mini Massager

Our PT first introduced us to this Mini Massager in therapy. It is wonderful for relaxing those tight muscles in the back and shoulders without over stimulating your girl. We use it on her hands and feet when circulation is poor and the tootsies are getting cold.

Also available at Walmart and Walgreens

More With Music – Music Therapy

“More with Music” is a site where parents, teachers, therapists and others can gather songs, ideas & resources to teach the children they live with and/or teach. Amanda Ellis is a board-certified music therapist.

Conductive Education

From their website:

Conductive Education is a system of education for children and adults with physical and multiple disabilities originating from damage to the central nervous system. This system of education was pioneered in the 1940’s in Budapest, Hungary by Dr. Andras Peto (1893-1967).

Conductive Education seeks, through a holistic approach, to […]

Whole Body Vibration Platform

Submitted by: Kelly Butler

This soloflex product gives Brooklyn the opportunity to build strength in her muscles simply by standing on the board! It has also increased her balance a bit as well. I highly recommed this board for girls with low muscle tone!

Cuevas Medek Exercises

Submitted by: Ingrid Harding

A really amazing form of PT that originated in Chile. If you daughter is still small (say 40 pounds and under) this is amazing stuff to work their core and their balance. Check out the site for practitioners in your area. Most are in the Northeast.

To get a sense […]