SmartWatch continuously monitors the wearer and detects repetitive shaking motion similar to those caused by seizures.

The instant SmartWatch detects abnormal movement, it reliably issues text and phone call alerts to designated contacts, such as caregivers and family members.

SmartWatch records the time, location, duration and severity of all alerted events. Data is available for secure access and review by wearers and their clinicians.


EazyHold™ is a simple but innovative grip assist strap that easily attaches to tools, toys, utensils and more! It enables children and adults with limited or no grip strength to accomplish all the necessary acts of daily living, and helps to achieve a more independent lifestyle. The EZs are made of soft, flexible food grade silicone, and are latex free. Eazy to use. Eazy to clean. Eazy on the hands!


Geleeo, an award-winning product, is the only self-cooling stroller liner ever invented. With proprietary hydrogel inside, Geleeo manages to stay a few degrees cooler than its ambient environment without prior refrigeration.

Bed Rail Alternative

Submitted by:  Rhea Bax

Tip- instead of having a bed rail for Anna (7 years old) we put a pool noodle on each side under the mattress pad. I know that they sell large ones now for older kids. Works awesome, plus is a cost saver.  You can also use a body pillow!