See below for IEPs submitted for the Pre-School year.  This is usually the first experience with IEPs.  It can be overwhelming to sit down with so many people and try to figure out what they should be doing with your daughter all day.  Please reach out to us if you need support.
To submit your IEP to our “bank” click here!
Child Description: Ambulatory
Child Description: Non-Ambulatory, starting to have seizures, non-stop hand mouthing, lots of breath holding, alert
Child Description:non-ambulatory; uses KidKart for transportation,eats by mouth – pureed food, must be feed, thickened liquids; (no tube at this time)
can reach with arms, but grasp is weak (limited hand function),non-verbal, but uses PODD book for communication,excellent eye-gaze,Seizures
Reflux,not placed in the most restrictive school
Placed in Special Education classroom with students who have Autism, Down Syndrome, etc

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