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Thank you for sharing your daughter’s IEP in our IEP Bank!  We will post IEPs without any personal information visible.  We do ask that you give a general description of your daughter in the form below so that readers of each IEP know the severity of Rett symptoms each girl has before reading their IEP.
To submit your IEP:
  1. Please black out or delete any personal information prior to submitting your IEP.  All names, school names, locations, social security numbers, etc MUST be removed before we will publish them online.
  2. We will accept a scanned copy (saved as a PDF or JPG file) or an original.
  3. You may also type your annual goal into a Word document and submit rather than submitting your entire IEP.
  4. Submit by attaching file as an email to
  5. By submitting your child’s IEP through this form, you agree to let us post it publicly on only. We will not do anything else with the IEP without your permission.
 *If you need assistance with this please contact Kelly Butler at


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