GP2C founder, Ingrid Harding, shares these helpful documents for introducing your daughter to a new school:

sample letter to send home to class parents

Sample letter to send home to class parents

Daily Communication Log by Susan Lee

Lili’s Person Centered Plan inspired us to create a template for all our Rett families.  Check out her plan below and then click on the template below that to make one for your Rett Girl!

Lili’s Person Centered Plan:

Person Centered Plan Template:

How to use this template:   To change the image so it retains the same dimensions “right click” on the image and choose “change picture”.  The document has “original text” under the general headings, you can choose to keep these or tweek them to fit your situation.  The rest of the document has “greek text” that you can fill in with your own input.  

School guide to communicate your daughter’s needs in the classroom

Here are three great papers from experts in their fields.  Both have worked extensively with girls who have Rett Syndrome.

Multi-Modal Communication Strategies for
Children Who have Rett Syndrome

Linda J. Burkhart

LETTER FROM RJ COOPER  – Pioneer in Assistive Technology

Writing IEP Goals and Objectives for Authentic Communication – For Children with Complex Communication Needs
Linda J. Burkhart


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