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Wike Special Needs Bike Trailer

submitted by: Ingrid

We love our Wike!  Below is the link to the special needs one, but we just got the smaller one which is also on their site ( — fits our daughter and her sister. It is very sturdy and converts to a push stroller when taken off the bike so you can bike somewhere and then easily push it around off the bike when you get there.  We will have to upgrade to this bigger one soon though! The big one has the nice feature of the top going back for easy in and out.

3 comments to Wike Special Needs Bike Trailer

  • cristal dorantes

    hi my name is cristal, i have a son with cerebral palsy, he\’s going to be 12 yrs old. and I\’m interstate and one THE WIKE EXTRA LARGE BIKE TRAILER, but i can\’t pay too much for it. and I\’m trying to find and used one. can u guys let me know if theres any website so i can search for it. thank you

  • Courtney

    I know you orginally posted on 2010 (but looks like you just replied to someone else?) My daughters are 6 y/o 50lbs and 3’5″. The main purpose would be for my child with severe autism and other issues but I thought it would be nice to have her sister ride sometimes. I am just concerned the one is to short for her but I like the mesh windows and that it isn’t like pushing a small car (and the price) I won’t be using it for the bike purpose just the stroller for festivals that we go to the enclosed stroller would make it nice for my daughter. How old/tall were your kids when you got the smaller one? How long did it last you?

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