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Pathways To Learning In Rett Syndrome

We bought this book when our Abby first entered pre-school. I spent 2 days highlighting things that hit home and things that affected our girl. The school was so impressed they bought copies for each department.

Offering accessible advice on the special educational needs of girls with Rett syndrome, this volume aims to assist teachers in developing a working knowledge of the syndrome and suggests particular strategies in planning a curriculum which may help overcome the specific difficulties within the diagnosis. For parents, the book provides a picture of the special school system in this country and the educational implications for their daughters. It should also be of interest to those working with pupils with a more general type of profound learning disability.

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  • Jaette Carpenter

    You gals, your site is just so cool! Thank you for all of your hard work at putting the information at our fingertips.
    Love, Jaette, Randy, Meta and of course Siri Carpenter from Mpls., MN.

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