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Leg Warmers by Baby Legs

Submitted by: Catherine Earle

Because Rett Syndrome girls are often sitting in a chair or stroller, their pants go up and half of their calf is open to the cold air. So I have found that baby legs warmer are perfect. They are easy to put on and take off, not like tights who seems to be so uncomfortable with the diapers. They are not in the way when we have to change the diapers and they really stay in place all day.We can pull them up higher than the knee or leave them crunched down on the full calf. Oh I love them so much. They come and many colors and design.My daughter who is very petite wears a underpants, her socks, the legs warmers and a sweat pants. When your daughters re bier and can’t wear the baby leg warmer anymore, go to a classical dance store, payless shoes or Target. They always carry great ones for their dancers. I got some fuzzy ones for Alexandra , but I am not sure the company is still making them. Enjoy.

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