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Jumbo Glow Seal

Glow pets are the amazing light up pets that are also an extra comfy, soft pillow. Simply press the button and your pet will turn on a soft glowing light that creates a magical environment to help your child fall into a restful sleep. They are also great for playtime, sleep overs, story time, […]

Big Hugs Elmo

Big Hugs Elmo loves getting hugs, but he really loves giving them! After getting a hug from Elmo, little ones can pretend along with him, and even dance, sing, nap, and cuddle with everyone’s favorite Sesame Street pal!

Talk Back Mimicking Doggie

Submitted By: Tina Walton

This is the plush doggie that repeats anything said to it in a cartoonish voice. Inspired by a popular smartphone app, a press of his paw enables him to record anything he hears and mimic the speaker in a high-pitched voice. Touch sensors located in his foot and belly yield […]

GP2C Flower Zipper Pulls

Add some flower power to a backpack, jacket or keychain! Fun gift for everyone! Just $1/each!


Something your Rett Girl can do with a group! Let her use her eyes or maybe even a switch to be the judge!


Every picture is worth a thousand laughs as players try to match their PicWits photo cards with the judge’s caption card. Which picture is the perfect fit? Of course, it […]

Audible, Inc., an, Inc. subsidiary, is the leading provider of premium digital spoken audio information and entertainment on the internet, offering customers a new way to enhance and enrich their lives every day. Audible content, which includes more than 100,000 audio programs from more than 1,800 content providers that include leading audiobook publishers, […]

I Like Book

Once a week, or even every day, you can spend quality time with your little love by sharing something you adore about them and putting it in the book. It’s a clever way to ignite positive communication and boost self-confidence. The i like book for kids captures the wonderful memories in your handwriting and […]

Herbal Warming Scarf

The warming scarf is made of soft and cozy minky. Designed to wrap comfortably around your neck, this scarf has two extra deep pockets to keep cell phone and keys accessible, while keeping hands warm and toasty . The neck and pockets are lined with 12 natural herbs and grains that contour your body […]

Light Up Shoelaces

Suitable for any kinds of Shoes, including running shoes, boots and skates Awesome and Eyes-catching! Great for parties, night jogging, safety and all kinds of night time fun Can be used as Necklaces, Bracelets as well. Also, can be worn on your pets or anywhere you can think of Three flashing settings: ON, Flash […]

Hat with Built in Speakers

Beanie style knit hat is made of 100% acrylic knit stitching with a polyester lining that allows for comfort, warmth, breathability and flexibility Will fit a wide range of head sizes and will return to its original shape after each use Sewn in stereo speakers are more comfortable for all day wear than traditional […]

Personalized SpinBrush

Have your Rett Girl design her own toothbrush! With lots of fun handle designs, our kids brushes like my way!, spider-man, iron man, hulk, skateboard, butterfly, pikachu and wolverine have smaller power heads to fit smaller mouths, massage gums, and promote a lifetime of happy, healthy brushing.

Fun Bedsheets

Take the boring out of bedding with Snurk princess or astronaut-themed bedding from the Netherlands. They ship worldwide! This unique bedding is really fun for kids and will turn your little girl into the life-size princess or voyager to outerspace!

Adorable Apron

Introducing the Jessica apron by asd Living (asd = art, style, design). This children’s apron matches the adult halter top style with a darling pleated skirt in front. Share your home baking activities with your little sous chef. Velcro closure at the neck with a tie waist for easy adjustments. Made of 100-percent cotton. […]

Leap Frog Touch Magic Guitar

Submitted By: Whitney Cooley

Little touches. Big learning. Amp up the learning fun and create and perform music while building motor skills and confidence. Includes guitar, percussion and special effect sounds—even applause. Ten different learning songs let little musicians layer in sounds and create their own unique music. The Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar is […]

Dex Dura Bib, Big Mouth

Submitted By: Whitney Cooley

“We love this bib, they catch everything that falls out of her mouth. Also, when she is throwing up, I put a towel on her lap and throw this bib on. It does a really good job at “catching” everything.


For ages 9-24 months. Patented “Catch-All” pocket prevents messes. […]

Journey Girls Wheelchair

This is a GREAT accessory for your Rett Girl’s favorite doll!

Giant Step On Key Board Mat

Terrific indoor toy. Measures 100″ wide and 29″ across. Features touch sensitive keys children can play with their feet. speakers are right on the mat. Has a demo button and can play 10 different melodies. You can even change the sound of the instrument. Great fun. Adjustable volume. Needs 4 AA batteries, not included.

Leap Frog Read With Me Violet

Watch your little one light up with LeapFrog Read With Me Violet and a complete set of 5 colorful books! This adorable introduction-to-reading experience is designed by our learning experts to inspire and entertain early readers everywhere! Read With Me Violet provides cuddly story-time experiences that help lay the foundation for a rewarding lifelong […]

Just Me Music

Submitted By: Kristin Hileman

Personalized DVD’s and CD’s that sing and speak your childs name!

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Crystal salt lamps bind the excessive positive ions with their negative ions. When they warm up, they attract humidity and the surface of the salt crystal becomes moist. This causes a field of ions to build.Crystal salt lamps can also neutralize the electro-smog in a room. Additionally, the various colors of the lamp have […]