Revolutionary child restraint that is easy to use, safe and convenient. This one vest solves so many car seat challenges parents find themselves in like traveling with kids or fitting 3 across the back seat.  This vest is used in place of a car seat for those kiddos who do not need the extra support of a special needs car seat.  The RideSafer Travel Vest is lightweight and makes it easy for your child to ride in different cars without needing to spend the time and money installing a car seat in each one.

Ronda Trestler review (Rett Parent):

1.) That the vest seemed to give Courtney a “hug” effect and noticed her crazy everyday breathing wasn’t so crazy
2.) She sat up much straighter- didn’t lean or slouch
3. ) She was more secure in my opinion than a booster
1.) Getting the vest on with her arm braces was a bit of a struggle.
2.) Looping the seat belt in each tab was a bit overwhelming- more so when it was raining out
The love definitely outweighs the difficulties for me. The struggle for special needs will always be that regardless what safety seat is utilized.