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The protein is dairy products is called casein. This, and gluten, are very difficult to digest. Consider removing it from her diet to ease her digestive load.  Wean off SLOWLY and stay off a minimum of six months to see if you see improvements in sleep, mood, skin tone, bowel movements.  If casein is not broken down properly by the body, it builds up and can have as strong an effect as an opiate on the central nervous system.

*Nutritional note:  To replace the fat, calcium and vitamin D in dairy, be sure to substitute with other products and supplements such as rice/almond/hemp/coconut milk. Also consider a liquid calcium supplement that has Vitamin D. This form of calcium is better absorbed than through milk anyway.

* When introducing a new food or drink, do it gradually to give her body and tummy time to adjust to the new ingredients and level of calories.

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